Our Board

Our Board

 Elected Members:

 President: Nosalina Joane (NJ) Omorogieva

Nosalina Joane Omorogieva is a third year Psychology and Sociology double major from Los Angeles, California. Her new found interest in politics was sparked her first year at UCLA after discovering the underlying reciprocity between social justices issues and political conception. She hopes her time with Bruin Democrats will prepare her for her future in youth development and education policy. Besides Bruin Democrats, she is also a residential assistant in Delta Terrace, show director for V-Day at UCLA, and a co-producer for Jazz Reggae Festival at UCLA. In her spare time, Nosalina Joane enjoys hate-watching Scandal, quoting The Office, staying active, and learning new ways to mobilize against discrimination.

As President, NJ is responsible for leading the club as a whole, being the face of the club, being the chair of the Executive Board,  leading general meetings, and acting as the primary liaison of Bruin Democrats to the greater Democratic Party. 

Internal Vice President: Hanna Almalssi

As IVP,  Hanna is responsible for the internal administration of the club, including but not limited to, the weekly club email, club correspondence,  the BD agenda,  BD office space, the BD constitution,  club elections, board transition, Executive Board affairs, club retreats, The Bruin Democrats Alumni Association, club membership, club committees as well as serving as the Presidents unofficial Chief of Staff, and second in command. Overall she is responsible for assisting the president in leading the club and ensuring that the Executive Board best serves the club as a whole.

External Vice President: Shuky Patel

Shuky is a third year Political science major and Public Affairs minor. Shuky became active in local Democratic politics his junior year of high school, when he established and led a Young Democrats Club on his campus; he then served as President of the statewide California High School Democrats. He has interned for Congressman Mark Takano’s reelection campaign in 2014 and Assemblywoman Sabrina Cervantes’ campaign in 2016. After graduation, Shuky hopes to go to law school and stay active in Democratic politics.  

As EVP, Shuky is responsible for Bruin Democrats Media Relations, external programming with other Democratic bodies, student groups, and student government. Overall, he is responsible for the outward appearance and external relations of the club.

Finance Director: Felicia Lozinski

Felicia is a second year Business Economics and Accounting student from Olympia, Washington. She has previously interned with Washington State Representative Denny Heck on his reelection campaign. On campus, she is also President of the Waterski and Wakeboard team. This will be her second year in the club.

As Finance Director, Felicia is responsible for managing and overseeing all financial accounts and assets for Bruin Democrats,  applying for additional funding within and without UCLA,  as well as being in charge of all fundraising activities for the Bruin Democrats.

Events Director: Cameron Keller

 Cameron is a second year Political Science major from Healdsburg, California. He has worked as a Fellow on the Zimmer for LAUSD Board and Bonin for Los Angeles City Council reelection campaigns. This past summer, Cameron was a Strategic Sourcing and Outreach Intern at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which fights for reproductive rights worldwide. In his spare time, Cameron can be found watching the West Wing and trying to remember a time when Obama was still President. He also enjoys soccer.

       As Events Director, Cameron will be organizing many exciting guest speakers and events for us this year. So, stay tuned!

As Events Director, Cameron is responsible for proposing, spearheading and coordinating all official Bruin Democrats events, in conjunction with the IVP, Finance Director, Marketing Director and Social Chair, as well as being responsible for maintaining the official Bruin Democrats Calendar.

Policy Director: Abbey Chapman

As Policy Director, Abbey is responsible for guiding the policy agenda of the club, leading weekly policy briefs and discussions in general meeting, researching further policy issues for the club, organizing quarterly debates with other political organizations, working with the Field Director and EVP in lobbying lawmakers on policy based issues and leading the creation of the official Bruin Democrats club Platform.


Marketing Director: Nasir Ahmed

Hi, my name is Nasir and I’m the Marketing Director for Bruin Democrats. I’m a second year neuroscience major here at UCLA and I am extremely passionate about foreign policy, government transparency, and defense against the dark arts. In my free time I like to watch old Barack Obama speeches, shoot some b ball outside of the school, and pursue my dream of establishing The Bruin Cucumber. Overall though, my goal is to engage people on both sides of the aisle and get everyone talking to one another. That way no one will ever truly get everything they want, which is just how it should be.

As Marketing Director, Nasir is responsible for Bruin Democrats Social Media Presence as well as branding and organizing all in-person marketing opportunities for Bruin Democrats.

Social Director: Alec Genie

Alec Genie is a second year Economics student at UCLA who comes from the wonderful city of Glendora, California. When he’s not having an existential crisis or teaching children to swim, he enjoys binge watching reality television, reading The Onion, and taking long walks on the beach. Alec hopes to continue on to a career in public policy, as well as meet his favorite celebrity, the incredibly talented Britney Spears.

As Social Director, Alec is responsible for creating a welcoming social environment for all members,  recognizing outstanding members, assisting the IVP with membership retention, organizing parties, social events, icebreakers and other fun activities in order to promote stronger ties between individual members and a stronger, more engaging club as a whole.


Non-Elected Board Representatives

Web Master: Joey Russel

Joey Russel is a second-year Computer Science and Political Science major from Crystal Lake, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago). Some of his hobbies include learning new coding languages (Python currently), obsessing over news on his phone, and memorizing random facts about history. He hopes to pursue a career utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence to help solve fundamental societal issues, both within and outside of government.

The Web Master is responsible for maintaining and updating the Bruin Democrats website. Additionally, the Web Master is responsible for creating Internet solutions for various administrative needs of the club upon request of other Board members.

Freshman Representative: Bella Stenvall

Bella holds a non-voting appointed board position for first year students only. Her primary responsibilities include maintaining Bruin Democrat’s presence on the Hill, as well as focusing our message to Hill residents. She also works with the Social Director to help organize events and the IVP to focus on retention of Freshman club members. Furthermore, she records meeting minutes and all Bruin Democrats activities.