Our Board

 Elected Members:

President: Nosalina Joane (NJ) Omorogieva

As President, NJ is responsible for leading the club as a whole, being the face of the club, being the chair of the Executive Board,  leading general meetings, and acting as the primary liaison of Bruin Democrats to the greater Democratic Party.

Internal Vice President: Hanna Almalssi

As IVP,  Hanna is responsible for the internal administration of the club, including but not limited to, the weekly club email, club correspondence,  the BD agenda,  BD office space,  the offical BD website,  the BD constitution,  club elections, board transition, Executive Board affairs, club retreats, The Bruin Democrats Alumni Association, club membership, club committees as well as serving as the Presidents unofficial Chief of Staff, and second in command. Overall he is responsible for assisting the president in leading the club and ensuring that the Executive Board best serves the club as a whole.

External Vice President: Shuky Patel

As EVP, Shuky is responsible for Bruin Democrats Media Relations, external programming with other Democratic bodies, student groups, and student government. Overall, he is responsible for the outward appearance and external relations of the club.


Finance Director: Felicia Lozinski

As Finance Director, Felicia is responsible for managing and overseeing all financial accounts and assets for Bruin Democrats,  applying for additional funding within and without UCLA,  as well as being in charge of all fundraising activities for the Bruin Democrats.


Events Director: Cameron Keller

As Events Director, Cameron is responsible for proposing, spearheading and coordinating all official Bruin Democrats events, in conjunction with the IVP, Finance Director, Marketing Director and Social Chair, as well as being responsible for maintaining the official Bruin Democrats Calendar.


Policy Director: Abbey Chapman

As Policy Director, Abbey is responsible for guiding the policy agenda of the club, leading weekly policy briefs and discussions in general meeting, researching further policy issues for the club, organizing quarterly debates with other political organizations, working with the Field Director and EVP in lobbying lawmakers on policy based issues and leading the creation of the official Bruin Democrats club Platform.

Marketing Director: Nasir Ahmed

As Marketing Director, Nasir is responsible for Bruin Democrats Social Media Presence as well as branding and organizing all in-person marketing opportunities for Bruin Democrats.



Social Director: Alec Genie

As Social Director, Alec is responsible for creating a welcoming social environment for all members,  recognizing outstanding members, assisting the IVP with membership retention, organizing parties, social events, icebreakers and other fun activities in order to promote stronger ties between individual members and a stronger, more engaging club as a whole.