Our Board

 Elected Members:

President: Abbey Chapman


Abbey is a 2nd year business economics major. Her political work includes interning for the first openly gay mayor in Texas, Annise Parker’s campaign. In addition to being president, she is a justice on the judicial board at UCLA, and a high school debate coach. She hopes to eventually go to law school. This will be her second year in the club.
As President,  Abbey is responsible for leading the club as a whole, being the face of the club, being the chair of the Executive Board,  leading general meetings, and acting as the primary liaison of Bruin Democrats to the greater Democratic Party.


Internal Vice President: Nicholas Shearin


Nick is a Senior Political Science Major and Minors in Public affairs and Global Studies. He is a Baltimore native and has served as Chief of Staff for Maryland State Senate Member Shirley Nathan-Pullium. Besides being politically active Nicholas enjoys spending volunteering at charitable organizations. He intends to attend law school after completing his degree at UCLA.
As IVP, Nick is responsible for the internal administration of the club, including but not limited to, the weekly club email, club correspondence,  the BD agenda,  BD office space,  the offical BD website,  the BD constitution,  club elections, board transition, Executive Board affairs, club retreats, The Bruin Democrats Alumni Association, club membership, club committees as well as serving as the President’s unofficial Chief of Staff, and second in command. Overall he is responsible for assisting the president in leading the club and ensuring that the Executive Board best serves the club as a whole.


External Vice President: Chad Cracraft


Chad  is a third year political science and public policy student who has interned at the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and the Sierra Club. During his summers, he volunteers as a counselor at American Legion California Boys’ State teaching rising high school seniors about government and civic engagement. He is an aspiring political consultant who wants to advise Democratic candidates and officials on how to best make the progressive agenda a reality. This will be his second year in the club.
As EVP, Chad is responsible for Bruin Democrats Media Relations, external programming with other Democratic bodies, student groups, and student government. Overall, he is responsible for the outward appearance and external relations of the club.


Finance Director: Emily Cohen

As Finance Director, Emily is responsible for managing and overseeing all financial accounts and assets for Bruin Democrats,  applying for additional funding within and without UCLA,  as well as being in charge of all fundraising activities for the Bruin Democrats.
Emily is a second year from Marin County, California, and is studying Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology with a minor in Global Health. Her passions include traveling, hiking, and crafting. Eventually she hopes to attend medical school and later specialize in women’s health.  This will be her second year in the club.


Events Director: Nosalina Joane (NJ)  Omorogieva

As Events Director, NJ is responsible for proposing, spearheading and coordinating all official Bruin Democrats events, in conjunction with the IVP, Finance Director, Marketing Director and Social Chair, as well as being responsible for maintaining the official Bruin Democrats Calendar.


Policy Director: Jack Price


Jack is a third year history major. In the past he’s interned with Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin, the Sierra Club, and Governor Jerry Brown. When not planning BD activities, he can be found, reading almost anything, writing the rest, badly playing the odd sport or guitar, and waxing rhapsodic on various animals (this week it’s the California quail). Price plans on a career in public service. This will be his second year in the club.
Policy Director  is responsible for guiding the policy agenda of the club, leading weekly policy briefs and discussions in general meeting, researching further policy issues for the club, organizing quarterly debates with other political organizations, working with the Field Director and EVP in lobbying lawmakers on policy based issues and leading the creation of the official Bruin Democrats club Platform.


Marketing Director: Aaron Boudaie


Aaron is a rising second year political science major. He is a finance and policy intern for AG Kamala Harris’ campaign for U.S. Senate. He previously worked on the Clinton campaign and interned for Congressman Ted Lieu.  On campus, he is also chief of staff to the USAC Financial Supports Commission and involved in Hillel, the foundation for Jewish campus life. Aaron hopes to attend law school before pursuing a career in public service. He aspires to start his career as a local district attorney or Army judge advocate. This will be his second year in the club.
As Marketing Director, Aaron is responsible for Bruin Democrats Social Media Presence as well as branding and organizing all in-person marketing opportunities for Bruin Democrats.


Appointed Members:


Social Director And Freshman Representative: Hanna Almalssi

As Social Director, Hanna is responsible for creating a welcoming social environment for all members,  recognizing outstanding members, assisting the IVP with membership retention, organizing parties, social events, icebreakers and other fun activities in order to promote stronger ties between individual members and a stronger, more engaging club as a whole.
The Freshman Representative is a non-voting board member appointed by the Executive Board during the Fall quarter of each year to represent the interests of the incoming Freshman class. In this role, the Freshman Rep. will work to increase Bruin Democrats presence in residential halls and the “Hill” as a whole, work with the social director to organize on the Hill events, work with the IVP to retain new Freshmen members. Furthermore the Freshman Representative will attend every board meeting and observe and record the actions of the board in its weekly minutes.  Incoming Freshman make sure to Apply!  



Field Director: Shuky Patel

Shuky is a second year Political Science major and Public Affairs minor. As the former President of the California High School Democrats, he helped organize and advise high school Democratic clubs throughout the state. He hopes to go to Law school and work as an attorney, while remaining active in local and state politics. 
 As Field Director, Shuky is responsible for coordinating official Bruin Democrat relations and work with all political campaign efforts, organizing lobbying along with the policy director, coordinating voter registration efforts and official Bruin Democrats endorsement for external campaigns as well as educating members on individual career and campaign opportunities