Bruin Democrats Statement on Repeal of DACA

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Bruin Democrats Statement on Repeal of DACA

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The President has decided to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy that has stood since 2012, under the previous administration. Instead, he has offered Congress the opportunity to pass immigration reform that will deal with this issue directly, but also indirectly with his demand for a wall along the Mexican-American border.

Leverage, basically. If Congress does not approve a bill that will provide funding for a border wall, he will not provide protection for some 800,000 Americans. Yes, Americans: people who grew up in this country, studied in this country, worked hard to give back to this country. They will be denied the security of a home because the occupant of the White one on Pennsylvania Ave wants to build something that is unnecessary and will not work (no wall ever has).

These Dreamers are not out to steal jobs. They are out to earn jobs, earn livings, and spend those livings well with family. In other words, they do their fair share and we as Bruins will do our part to protect those Dreamers that study with us, working towards a better future.

Yes, borders are important. Yes, laws should be followed. But there is something cruel and unusual about crushing dreams, especially those of Americans.

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